An Overview of the Estate Agents Website System

The PortalManager Estate Agents Website system features 16 special webpage templates that can be used by your own website to provide a complete 'out-of-the-box' Estate Agency website.

The webpage templates are styled to match your own website, so visitors are completely unaware that there is any difference.

Each webpage template is completely optional. You can choose which templates you want to feature on your website.

All templates can be carefully styled to match your existing website exactly. You can even display your own domain name in the website address bar.

Instant Website Template

This is a remarkable and highly developed way of getting an instant website. The template is HTML5 based, this means you can use simple stylesheets to change the look and feel, from colors, fonts, pictures and layout. Easily and simply without programming.

Instant Interactive TV Channel

Real Wow factor. This template allows you to display all your Properties on a High Definition TV. The template is fully interactive and designed make use of the full 1080p Resolution Screen. Perfect if you have Plasma TV in the office, or stream to PS3 or XBoxes.

Property Listings Template

The Listings template will display selected Properties in a list view and features a Google Map identifying each Property by a pin. Visitors can Tweet or Share Properties on Twitter or Facebook. Every listing is directly indexed and logged by Google.

Property Particulars Template

The Particulars template will display your Property Listing using high definition images. A 'Lightbox slideshow' display will present each of the photos. Feature virtual tours, pdf brochures and floorplans. Every visit is logged in your Google Analytics account.

Visitor Registration Template

Visitors can register directly with you and their details are automatically recorded in your PortalManager account and a confirmation email sent out. Add them to your Contacts database to be automatically included in email marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

PortalManager features a number of highly developed and special pages designed to promote Search Engine Visibility and ensure high rankings and discovery for your Property Listings. Each time you make any change, your listings are reindexed.

Instant Property Portal System

If you are planning to build a full online Property Portal, then look no further. PortalManager even allows visitors to buy listings, place advertising, and even buy leads. Each visitor can pay you directly online by credit card. Visitors can manage their own listings too.

Sell Property Listing Template

Featured as part of the 'Instant Property Portal' system, visitors can buy a Property Listing on your own website, and this can then be uploaded to your selected Property Portals. You have complete control over the Price, Currency, Advert Duration and Portals.

Sell Affiliate Advertising Template

Another feature of the 'Instant Property Portal' system, is offering affiliate 'Pay-Per-Click' advertising. Ads can be displayed on your own website or shared between other participating Estate Agents. Similar to the way Google Adwords works.

Sell Leads Template

Another feature of the 'Instant Property Portal' system, is offering leads for sale. This is very popular with overseas Property Portals. Visitors, keen to find Property abroad can work with your partners, and you can get paid for finding those leads.

Property Search Widget

Put a Property Search Form directly on your existing website and choose which search criteria you want to offer by simply ticking some boxes in your PortalManager account. When a visitor clicks the 'Search Now' button, they will be shown a list of Properties.

Featured Property Widget

This is a great way to display one or more featured Properties on the home page of your existing website. Simply 'drop' this widget on your home page, and PortalManager does the rest. You decide from within PortalManager which Properties you want to feature today.

Instant Payment Widget

This is a truely remarkable and useful little widget. Simply 'drop' this widget on your website, and visitors will be able to pay you any amount, in thier preferred currency using their credit card, debit card or even PayPal account. The money goes directly to you.

Appointments Template

In PortalManager you can create Appointments. When an Appointment is created, an email is automatically sent to the invitee. The email contains a link to your website, where details of the Appointment are displayed. The invitee can accept, decline or propose a new time.

Tasks Template

In PortalManager you can create Tasks. When a Task is created, an email is sent to the assignee. The email contains a link to your website, where details of the Task are displayed. The assignee can accept, decline and update the progress of the Task completely online.